While everybody is freaking out over Alan Scott, let me just remind you that “progressive” DC is turning him gay mainly because people were starting to wonder just where his (awesome) gay son had gone.

And let’s also remember that while Todd’s coming-out was an idea of (the awesome) Marc Andreyko for his (awesome) Manhunter run, there were hints about him being in the closet for years. All the way back to his Infinity Inc days. In short, it was organic and well developed. The Alan Scott thing? Well, I’m supportive of it all because diversity yay, but it feels like a stunt, and an easy way for DC to cop-out of the lack of Todd.

So, make of Earth-2 what you will. Buy it, love it, hate it, whatever. But please just make yourself a big big favor and go read Andreyko’s Manhunter and possibly Johns’ JSA, two of the best comic book reads ever, and let’s not let Obsidian (and Damon and Jade obviously, oh and Molly Scott) slip into oblivion.

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