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My figurine collection needed to be rearranged and my brother got a new camera for his birthday…so we had a little fun today.

Three generations of heroes + the founding members of the JSA, JLA and Teen Titans.

Mostly Eaglemoss figurines + 11 customs by me

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Random thoughts about my Flash/Arrow back to back viewing

-I loooved The Flash much more than I originally liked Arrow (which eventually grew on me).

-Barry is so fucking young.

-It’s interesting because if 24-25 is the average age of Barry’s generation of heroes, that makes Ollie the oldest of the bunch, which works beautifully with DCU continuity.

-Linda Park also looks older than Barry and Iris. IF she’s not just an Easter egg and her story is explored and IF Wally makes it to the show as some kind of relation to Iris (her brother? Cousin?) it wouldn’t surprise me if he was older than Barry.

-News of a Wayne/Queen merging on the frontpage of the future newspaper shown at the end…so Batman exists in this universe. I wonder how Gotham feels about that.

-Also, CRISIS.

-Also, GRODD!

-I think we will see Killer Frost sooner than we see Vibe, if they even make Cisco Vibe at all.

-Clyde died, but nothing was said about Mark Mardon, so we haven’t seen the last of Weather Wizard.

-Making Iris’ father a detective is sooo boring and so Laurel/Quentin. But Joe’s much nicer than Quentin.

-Unrelated to the pilot, I hear they already have Heat Wave, Captain Cold and Pied Piper lined up. I hope they don’t go through all the rogues in one season, it would make things much less interesting in season two.

-The Barry/Ollie rooftop scene made me realize once more that Stephen Amell is such a boring actor, while Grant Gustin is just about perfect in this role.

-Also unrelated to the pilot, when Pied Piper eventually becomes good I hope he, Barry and Joe form a band. Because if we need one thing from this show that’s the combined vocal power of Jesse L. Martin, Andy Mientus and Grant Gustin.

-Ferris! Ferris everywhere! We’ve almost reached the point when Hal and Carol are overdue to appear.

As for Arrow:

-They’re definitely going for the legacy thing with Black Canary, even though it’s a sister/sister thing and not mother/daughter.

-I knew it the moment Laurel/Dinah appeared as a blonde.

-Last season a wedding between “Ray and Jean” was mentioned as an Easter egg about Ray Palmer and Jean Loring. The writers must’ve forgotten about that, as this version of Ray didn’t know Ollie and is probably single.

-Felicity is a beautiful princess who deserves better than Ollie.

-Roy’s brooding status makes me think that they will explore the drug addiction storyline, probably won’t be heroin though.

-Was the Japanese woman with the husband and the son Katana? If that’s the case, poor husband and poor son.

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