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Can we talk about Ms. Marvel writing Avengers fanfiction.

Can we talk about Loki singing Wicked in the shower.


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Here’s a first you guys - my very first Marvel custom. It’s a commission. I hardly know the character, who may or may not be called Baron Wang Stroker (that’s what I kept calling him anyway), so I really hope I got all the details right.

Original fig was Doc Samson by Eaglemoss.


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Finally watched The Avengers and it surely was a lot of fun. I think I still prefer a couple of the individual movies - I loved Captain America: The First Avenger and I thought that Thor was good and Hemsworth was superfun and had more to do there than just being teary all the time. But, the team movie is still very good, it’s smartly written so that even those who haven’t seen the other movies or are familiar with the comics will be able to get into it (I was with a group of 8 people and I was the only one familiar with the comics and who had seen all the movies leading to this one).

Also, Scarlett Johansson kicks ass as Black Widow and I hope she gets her own movie soon.

One negative thing about it? As a DC fan I spent a good portion of the movie thinking why can’t I have a JLA movie like this? I mean if Marvel can hire writers smart enough to make, say, Hawkeye perfectly accessible to anyone and still faithful to the comics, why can’t DC do the same with Green Arrow and Black Canary and give me a team movie with the Trinity as well as a few more niche characters? Of course even getting a Trinity movie would be a step forward. As amazing as Cap, Thor and Iron Man were, I just felt my fanboy heart sink a little bit thinking that it’ll probably be years, if ever, before I can watch an equally good movie with Bats, Supes and WW.

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